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Over our first two years, we have held more than 50 roundtables that brought together about 300 innovators who carried out conversations before elite audiences totaling about 15,000 and averaging about 330 per session.

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Our roundtables are almost always filled with founders and CEOs of top companies, executive directors of national nonprofits, bestselling authors, movie directors, scientists, and artists.

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Our partners for the in-depth series are leaders in a range of fields and include Georgetown University, the entertainment company Fandor, and Tech For America, a political non-profit backed by prominent entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.


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Reinvent the Tech Industry’s Social Impact

How could more tech companies integrate giving back
to society into their business models?


Find out the different challenges that you can participate in.

Reinvent America

American society needs a fundamental reinvention to keep pace with the all-digital, fully global and more sustainable world that lies ahead. New technologies have played a major role in driving the changes and disrupting the old 20th-century systems that were optimized for another era.

Reinvent Nuclear Security

Considering how we utilize energy has significantly increased productivity and shifted the demand curve for power. Examples include low-heat-loss frames and LED lights. As we look into the future, can nuclear power be reimagined to preserve and expand the nuclear contributions in an increasingly diversified and dynamic energy industrial landscape?

Reinvent the University

As higher education adjusts to a new economic climate and job market, the world of digital communication, and the relentless march of globalization, millennials attending university this year may expect a very different life experience from their parents.

Reinvent Hollywood

The credits have rolled on the Reinvent Hollywood series, ending a six-episode series that examined how the motion picture industry could be reimagined and restructured, from the way that films are conceived, financed, created and distributed to the radically new and important role of the audience.

Developing Next-Generation Innovators

How might we recruit and develop the next generation of nuclear security innovators,
and what new skills will they bring to the challenge?

Latest News & Updates

Reinventing America

Economy’s future depends on reinventing America

The COVID-19 pandemic destroyed America’s economy and virtually every element of American life when it struck, especially the country’s manufacturing sector. In addition to eliminating 578,000 manufacturing workers in 2020, the pandemic exposed extensive supply chain flaws that have existed for many years and threaten the economy, health policy, and national security. Here are a few important steps to do in order to implement the Buy American Act’s most major modification.

Need for reinvention

Many of America’s most prosperous allies, notably Germany and Korea, have an industrial policy today. America had one when it rose to become the world’s manufacturing force and powerhouse during World War II. However, the nation neglected the manufacturing sector for an excessively long period of time, leaving America’s supply networks vulnerable. Because of this, America started the epidemic with a lack of medicines and medical supplies as well as ongoing shortages of semiconductor chips, which are necessary for everything from game consoles to cars.

The administration is making a whole-of-government initiative and effort to revitalize American industry by making an investment in strategic industries and expanding opportunities for laborers and businesses, big and small, in each and every region of the nation—including historically underserved businesses—through focused capital investment and tactical public procurement.

Why is that kind of effort so crucial?

The Administration is also taking advantage of the Made-in-America Executive Order’s implementation as a chance to invest in a domestic smart and clean energy supply chain in an effort to combat the climate problem. In order to create a more durable, sustainable, and advanced economy, the American Jobs Plan pledges $46 billion for renewable energy infrastructure. With nearly $600 billion in annual contracts, the America is the world’s largest consumer goods shopper. America must use this critical chance to use this enormous purchasing power to change markets while encouraging innovation in both the public and private sectors.

Some commodities are simply too crucial to the economy, industry, and national security to be left to chance, as America discovered during the pandemic. The regulation will add a new disclosure requirement to boost knowledge of the domestic distribution networks for certain goods and will permit agencies to pay a small amount extra for domestically manufactured goods that are deemed essential to national security. It only makes sense to use strategic preferences to promote home production of essential goods. The new disclosure rules will also increase confidence that Made in America rules are working as intended while giving us more information to help us plan for our economic future.

Initiative for future

The future of the American economy rests on maintaining prudent investment practices, providing workers and businesses with the tools needed to compete, and using government funds to support domestic manufacturing and innovation. To be clear, being sure to purchase more American goods doesn’t imply cutting ties with trading partners; instead, robust supply chains call for global cooperation and redundancy.

Reinvented America

Business and the Economy: The Driver of a Rebuilt and Reinvented America

The United States has always been a country of reinvention. We rebuild after natural disasters. We innovate when old industries start to crumble. We find new ways to do things when the old ways no longer work. This is the story of our country, and it’s being written again as we speak. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and the economy are the driver of a rebuilt and reinvented America.

America’s Place in the Global Economy

America has long been a global economic powerhouse but is unlikely to change anytime soon. The country’s vast resources and highly skilled workforce have made it a magnet for foreign investment, and its companies are leaders in many industries.

However, America’s economic dominance is not without challenges. Other countries are catching up in technology and innovation, and the rise of China and other emerging markets has led to increased competition for resources and market share.

What does the future hold for America’s place in the global economy? Only time will tell, but one thing is sure: America will need to continue to adapt and reinvent itself if it wants to maintain its position as a leading economic power.

The Role of Business in America’s Economy

Today, America’s economy is in a period of transition. After enduring a severe recession, the economy is slowly recovering. But many Americans are still struggling to find work and make ends meet. The country faces significant challenges in the years ahead, including rebuilding its infrastructure, reducing its deficit, and improving its education system.

Businesses will play a critical role in meeting these challenges. By creating jobs and producing quality products and services, companies will help spur economic growth. And by investing in research and development, businesses will help ensure that America remains a leader in innovation.

How Businesses Can Help Rebuild and Reinvent America

It’s been said that businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. And it’s true – businesses drive innovation, create jobs, and generate tax revenue that helps to fund vital public services.

Here are some ways businesses can help rebuild and reinvent America:

  1. Invest in your workforce: A strong workforce is essential to any successful business. Investing in employee training and development will help ensure your employees have the skills they need to be successful now and in the future.
  2. Support your local community: Businesses are integral members of their communities. By supporting local charities and donating time and resources to causes that matter to you, you can help make your community a better place for everyone.
  3. Go green: Sustainability is good for business and the planet. Making environmentally friendly choices regarding energy use, waste management, and product sourcing can help reduce your carbon footprint while saving you money.
  4. Promote diversity and inclusion: A diverse workforce brings different perspectives and ideas to the table – which is essential for innovation.
  5. Be prepared for the future: The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that anything can happen. Businesses need to be prepared for the future, whether that’s another global pandemic or entirely other.

In conclusion, the American economy is in a state of flux. Businesses and the workforce are evolving and adapting to survive in today’s climate.

American Business Economy

The Impact of Technology on the American Business Economy

Technology has been a driving force in the American economy for decades. From the assembly line to the personal computer, technological innovations have always led to new waves of economic growth.

In recent years, though, the impact of technology on the American business economy has been even more pronounced. Thanks to advances in communication and digital technologies, businesses can now operate globally.

The Proliferation of Technology

The past few decades have seen an increase in the use of technology in the American business economy. This has made many businesses more productive and efficient and opened up new ways for businesses to reach more people. Technology has also had a big effect on how businesses talk to customers and work with their employees.

Many small businesses have used the spread of technology to keep up with and compete with bigger businesses. The internet has levelled the playing field in many industries, enabling small enterprises to reach a larger market with their products and services. Small businesses can now communicate with potential clients in new ways thanks to social media.

The Impact of Technology on Businesses

Technological advancements have drastically impacted the American business economy in recent years. The way businesses operate and the way consumers interact with companies have changed dramatically.

Here are some specific ways technology has impacted businesses:

  1. Social media has changed the way businesses market themselves.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have developed into essential marketing channels. Businesses can reach a large number of people quickly and easily through social media, and they can also get instant feedback from customers about their products or services.

  1. Online shopping has changed how businesses sell their products or services.

In the past, if someone wanted to buy a product, they would have to visit a store to purchase it physically. Nowadays, people can buy anything they want with just a few clicks of a button from the comfort of their own homes.

  1. Cloud computing has changed how businesses store data and run applications.

In the past, businesses stored data on local servers or personal computers. Nowadays, more and more companies are using cloud-based storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive. This allows employees to access files from anywhere worldwide and makes it easier to collaborate on projects.

The Impact of Technology on the American Economy

The impact of technology on the American economy has been subject to much debate in recent years. Some say that technology has made things better, while others say that it has made things worse.

There is no doubt that technology can transform the way businesses operate and communicate. The internet has enabled companies to reach a global market, and social media has created new opportunities for marketing and customer engagement.

The American economy will undoubtedly continue to be shaped by technology, notwithstanding these worries. Businesses must change their tactics to stay competitive, and employees must be willing to pick up new skills to keep their jobs.

Ultimately, how well the American economy fares in the future will largely depend on how well we adapt to this ever-changing landscape.


Greatest Nation

5 Reasons Why America will still be the World’s Greatest Nation

There are a lot of reasons to love America. We have a rich history, a beautiful landscape, and a bright future. We’re also a country that is constantly innovating and progressing. There are reasons why America is the greatest country in the world—and in 2022, we will be even better.

Here are five reasons why America is the greatest nation in the world:

Economic Opportunity

One of the most important is that it offers more economic opportunity than anywhere else.

In America, anyone can start a business and build it into a success. There are no limits to what you can achieve if you’re willing to work hard and take risks. Whether you want to be a successful entrepreneur, a top executive, or anything in between, America is the place to do it.

Military Strength

America has the strongest military in the world. With over 1.3 million active members and nearly 800,000 reserve members, the United States has more workforce than any other country.

Additionally, America spends more on its military than any other country. This investment allows the US to maintain a cutting-edge military with the latest equipment and technology. From fighter jets and drones to submarines and aircraft carriers, America’s military is unrivaled in terms of strength and capability.

Quality of Life

Regarding the standard of living, America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It has a very high per capita income and a low poverty rate. In addition, American citizens have access to high-quality healthcare and education.

The United States also ranks highly in terms of personal freedom and safety. American citizens enjoy a great deal of personal liberty, and the country is relatively safe compared to other nations.

All of these factors combine to make America one of the best countries in the world to live in. If you’re looking for a high quality of life, you’ll find it in the United States.


In addition to the high-quality education available in America, there are many learning opportunities. American libraries are filled with books on every subject imaginable, and online resources are available on any topic. If you want to learn about something, chances are you can find a way to do it in America.


America is also home to some of the world’s top universities. These institutions offer an education that is second to none. Students from all over the world come to America to study at these universities. This helps to make America a leader in the field of education.

Religious Freedom

In America, people of all faiths are free to worship. There is no official religion, and everyone can believe or not believe as they wish. This freedom is enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

This freedom has led to a rich diversity of religious traditions in America. There are Christian churches of all denominations, Jewish synagogues, Muslim mosques, Hindu temples, and more. This religious diversity enriches American society and helps make America a great melting pot.


Secrets Of Reinventors That You Should Know

The goal of reinvention is to make people’s lives better, not for themselves. To help reach future strategic objectives, reinventors use developing innovations in their business models. They get ready for a time of greater automation and intelligence. Systems are the foundation for improved data usage as well as new business opportunities, which they intuitively comprehend. The following are a few reinventors’ secrets.

Handling a workforce that is undergoing change

The workplace is changing as a result of the confluence of technological advances and intelligent machines.  Reinventors are aware that human staff members’ jobs will change as a result of new ways to create value. Human labor will be released from routine duties so they can concentrate on more important duties. We can start to see new career prospects arise by locating the places at which technological capabilities and a human’s unique skills converge. They create a flexible work framework with opportunities for experimentation and failure within the parameters of a clearly stated strategic objective.

Clear-cut vision

Due to their extensive employee involvement in their vision, reinventors are experts at managing change and implementing a flawless vision. By exchanging knowledge, encouraging teamwork, and demonstrating transparency and trust, they empower themselves. Under their direction, the possibility of change is converted from something mysterious or frightening to a common vision that is carried to live by group effort. Change is frequently beneficial and important, especially when it results in potential experiences and more efficient methods of operation. They value open communication, trust, and transparent leadership.

employee involvement

Serving as great members

Genuinely outstanding leaders saw themselves as members rather than as leaders. In a similar vein, reinventors are aware that they serve four constituencies: shareholders, vendors, consumers, and staff. They want to improve everything for each and every one of these members.

They frequently converse with clients, share knowledge, and are available. They have a system of core values and are brave when it comes to progress. Additionally, people become weary of ostentatious trappings like expansive homes, expensive suits, and private jets. They feel compelled to improve conditions for everyone.

Creating win-win situation

The main duty of an innovator is to create novel concepts and items. They can detect issues and generate solutions with the aid of creative thinking. It’s critical to return to the leadership principles that have consistently functioned as a foundation when confronted with new problems.

The future of the community is protected by the relationships that reinventors build over time. In the best-case scenario, they create the future by uniting around fresh opportunities. Their creations frequently seek to enhance consumer lives or address particular problems. Reinventors frequently acquire problem-solving abilities that aid in the analysis of their creations and the spotting of flaws.

Social Impact

How Tech Companies Can Make a Positive Social Impact

Tech Companies and social media are the two big brothers who influence today’s society more than we know. It is primarily Generation Z who are vulnerable to such impacts as they are most socially conscious than other generations. But the focus lies on them because they are the future generation of the world, and they need positive guidance.

None other than big tech companies can bring such a powerful social impact as the world is still a hidden capitalist political place.

Here are some instances of how these companies can make a social impact positively:

  • They can promote community involvement to bring changes by promoting string messages and organizing rallies and marathons to support. This attempt is a marketing strategy that would benefit both them and society.
  • These companies can also hire employees of equal opportunity. This action can eradicate racism, sexism, and other societal discriminations.
  • Big tech companies can work with local charities by promoting sales drives with the tell-sign of donating and its importance. They can give back to society and encourage people to do.
  • Along with philanthropists and human activities, they can improve plans for small villages or remote areas and promote environment-friendly actions.
  • Tech companies can include green buildings and emphasize energy conservation and related environment-friendly solutions.

tech companies

  • They can distribute their small or reused products to under-developed communities or people of lesser economic privilege through non-profit organizations. They can also organize donation drives.
  • Software companies can install search engine extensions so that a penny goes to the charity each time a browser enters.
  • Tech companies can end all paper transactions and turn to electronics to save trees and the environment.
  • Big companies can encourage start-ups, particularly those that could impact society way better than before. They can also provide mentorships.
  • They can partner with governments and governmental organizations to help people directly or indirectly.
  • Tech companies can encourage employees to participate in voluntary social work as a part of the work process to help the people and instill good quality time to relieve stress for employees.
  • Tech companies can follow strict ethical practices among themselves and their employees to promote good moral conduct, for example.
  • Tech companies can take the initiative to fight for any social issues and organize people’s support.
  • They can educate the masses on social issues, environmental protection, and such positive causes through their products by placing awareness posters, one-liners, or graphics of messages.
  • They can conduct competitions, wards, or price fairs to promote art and literature and increase social responsibility by honoring do-gooders or brave acts of people.
  • Tech companies can reserve limited employment opportunities mandatorily for war veterans to promote patriotism and encourage the young generation to join defense services.
  • They can recycle products and advertise the same with attractive campaigns.
  • They can organize community outreach programs and design spaces and funds for emergency community or social needs during disasters or outbreaks.
Reinvent America’s Infrastructure

How to Rebuild and Reinvent America’s Infrastructure

In terms of total infrastructure quality, the United States is now ranked 13th by the World Economic Forum. America has to replace and restore its infrastructure immediately. However, years of experience have taught us that the best course of action is not to simply pour federal funds into infrastructure. Several crucial sectors, such as the following, must be addressed to modernize the U.S. infrastructure landscape.

political significance

Large federal funding infusions could incentivize expenditure on expensive, brand-new projects while ignoring the infrastructure’s urgent maintenance backlogs. Or it might encourage state policymakers to focus on those localities whose political significance considerably exceeds their requirement for additional infrastructure. Indeed, it has been demonstrated that this strategy promotes excessive expenditure on politically palatable but economically dubious initiatives.



Commerce is anything but routine given how quickly infrastructure is changing. In the future, our infrastructure will need to evolve to accommodate technologies like electric vehicles, smart glasses, the Internet – Of – Things, and driverless cars. Today, drones are used to manage infrastructure maintenance, as well as to monitor new building and renovation projects. The future melting and recycling of infrastructure may be made possible by 3D printing, which can be utilized to produce parts locally for power infrastructure repairs. Energy storage and the usage of renewable resources are advancing because of smart towns and energy systems enabled by digital technology.

Accountability within the Government

The federal organizations, procedures, and roles that have supervision over project approval, management, and funding are numerous and overlap. Every asset type has a different set of circumstances. Schedule extensions where the cost increases and decreased investment returns might result from overlapping and conflicting regulations and procedures. For instance, the US Transportation Department estimates that it takes 13 years on average to complete a major roadway project from conception to completion. It is possible to learn about how other governments have enhanced decision-making procedures to expedite the pipeline for projects while ensuring that they are thoroughly examined and environmental issues are addressed.


Infrastructure financing and funding are challenging subjects. Financing is the term for borrowed funds that must be repaid to complete a project. The cost of a project throughout its useful life is known as funding, which refers to non-repayable funds. Obtaining both of these funding sources continues to be a major obstacle to the completion of infrastructure projects, whether they are capital or maintenance-related. Alternative funding strategies being proposed by industry experts include crowdfunding and general populace partnerships in addition to the traditional funding staples of taxes and user fees.

A comprehensive strategy involving all the stakeholders—public, political, financial, and construction—is required in the effort to upgrade and improve the nation’s infrastructure. For the purpose of planning, designing, building, and maintaining infrastructure, only roughly two-thirds of today’s architectural, engineering, and construction companies have used this such as BIM.

Reinvent America

How to Reinvent America Across Many Different Fields

America has been on top of the list for almost two decades in sociology, technology, and many other fields. However, the recent changes and the pandemic hit have shaken their position. Hence, many experts suggest that it is time for the country to wake up and renovate its infrastructure, to become number one again! Stick to the end to know how America can reinvent itself in different fields with the help of people and officials.

Investing in Education

If you regularly update yourself with news, you must know that America is slowly but surely going into an economic crisis. Many states are forced to reduce their budget and make cuts, especially in the educational field. Instead of making cuts in education, Americans feel that the government must increase the reach of quality education to its citizens.

Fixing the political system

The American constitution is a 238 years old treasure. Elected officials like Trump have subtly disrespected previously. Citizens must invest time in choosing the right government representatives to improve a country.

Fixing the economic imbalance

America is famous for its imbalance in corporate culture, where companies hire and fire their employees based on their will. Nonprofit associations like The Business Roundtable have urged multinational and other corporate companies to participate in shifting to renewable energies and help fix climate problems. Taking such drastic steps can help improve the country’s overall economic infrastructure.

 Reinvent America

Fixing the social system

The country is known for its racial and ethnic bias among people. The government must apply strict rules to prohibit discrimination based on caste, nationality, and others. The country must also build a cohesive culture to respect and appreciate people belonging to different classes of society.

Focusing on climate change

Almost 60 percent of the country believes that the country turns a blind eye to climate change. Hence, the government should be responsible for changing the American infrastructure to accommodate and rely on clean energy resources to power homes and factories. Doing so can drastically reduce the load on using natural resources.

Fixing human rights

Improving human rights means improving the future of America, and hence the country should work on improving human rights for its citizens. Over the next few years, cases of poverty should improve, and the government should work on expanding chances for minorities. Every eligible candidate should get an opportunity to vote, which can be a great reinvention for America.

Affordable health care

Citizens of America have been on this topic since Bill Clinton’s presidency, and it is time that the country works on providing low-cost, accessible health care. Without discrimination, everyone in America should be accessible to get health insurance at low costs.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the points mentioned above, America needs reinvention in various fields like the military, agriculture, and many more. If the necessary steps are adopted, America can enjoy the sweet pleasure of being on top again.

Reinvent America

Reinvent America in the New Era

The millennial era has begun and is taking a substantial toll on the functioning of developed countries like America. It is a no-brainer that America is considered the most advanced country in its economy, technology, and many more. However, the drastic shift in times has forced the country to limp sideways. With bleak employment opportunities and stagnant growth, the younger generation is forced to live a life inferior to that of their elders.

Imbalance-related racial, ethnic, and economic differences have caused cities like Detroit to turn into ghost towns. The country is in urgent need of radical change with apparent support from the government and political parties. Although the changes seem extravagant, it is the need of the hour to change the country’s economic, social and technological structure.


The process of reinvention

With the help of statistics, experts have discovered that every 20-30 years, America falls behind in various areas, which presents itself with a chance for a radical change in the infrastructure. Post the COVOD-19 pandemic, America is set to reinvent itself in all respects, which can also benefit the entire world in various ways.

For instance, the advancement in the generation of faster computers is, in turn, forcing the development of a different set of super-fast computers. These will help develop new forms of software using artificial intelligence, which can change how we process computer data. This advancement will also solve a more significant challenge in biology and microbiology to redesign human cells.

Reinvention in robotics

Robotics and 3D printing technologies are no more alien to the world, and the country is making good use of these technologies to propel forward. Over the next decade, the world will be introduced to an innovative way to manufacture different products in the engineering sector. Also, 3D printing will help the household to produce items like toothbrushes, clips, etc., at home.

Agricultural infrastructure

Many states in America, like California, often suffer from drought conditions. Simultaneously, regions like Silicon Valley face increased water levels that can fear flooding anytime. Forecast predictors request the government to change the infrastructure, which will need states like California to stop growing crops permanently. By making changes along rivers in other cities, the growth of almonds, fruits, and vegetables can be compensated.

Reinventing power generation

Generation of power using un-clean resources is a threat to the entire mankind and not just America. However, in a decade, America’s decision to switch to clean energy resources will help the world. The cost of energy and electricity will be reduced by 50% by using clean energy sources like wind and solar energy. America also holds ambitions to provide electricity to the entire world.

As the US completes 250 decades, it has put forth all necessary elements to revamp and reinvent itself. With the help of the government and the people, it will not take long to implement these strategies.

Next Generation

Developing Next Generation Innovators

The world is slowly becoming a technological suburb with innovators in every nook and corner of a country. Considering the population growth and the increasing needs of the people, it is a mere necessity for the growth of innovators.

In today’s world, anyone trying to solve a simple or complex problem can be considered an innovator. It does not depend on an individual’s education or degree, and our education system is obsolete and does not justify the industry-oriented world around us! Hence, the future generation needs to work on the following aspects to become the best innovators.


“A positive mindset manifests positive things.”

This quote is true and can be applied to almost anything in life. The intensity of innovation is uncertain and unpredictable. Becoming an innovator in any field is virtually impossible with a fixed and narrow mindset. A positive approach to things can help develop a fresh perspective to visualize a solution.

The ability to master

Having a positive mindset without putting work into action means nothing! According to Sean Sheppard, the founder of GrowthX, competency-based education will be the future of learning. This means people judge a person’s capability based on their competency in a particular field. Once mastery is achieved in a specific field, it becomes easier to identify a problem and innovate necessary solutions.


Every single problem in the world has at least one solution. However, instantly finding a solution to these problems can be daunting without an innovative mindset. The ability for people to build and grow connections, to solve a problem is the most required skill of an innovator. Next-generation inventors ought to develop communication skills and discuss ideas to communicate to different sets of audiences.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurial mindset

Having an entrepreneurial mindset helps complete half the work of becoming an inventor. It means by understanding the market needs and the demands of the changing world, you can find necessary solutions to the existing problems. This is only possible with dedication and an experimental mindset.


The attitude ‘purpose before paycheck’ is an advanced mindset that helps people dedicate themselves to solving problems and finding a purpose. Many types of research show that the potential next-generation innovators already thrive with a purpose-driven mindset.

Alpha Energy

Next-generation innovators generally can think and act freely, which opens a new spectrum of thought for them. The urge to break out of the comfort zone and thrive for solutions and growth is an exciting quality for future innovators.


The best example for next-generation innovators is the ‘DIY Bio movement,’ where interested hobbyists and others collaborate to find solutions.   The above attitudes are necessary to groom this generation to become next-generation innovators. They can achieve anything by incorporating the above qualities in the early stages of life.

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