Recreating Itself

How America Is Once Again Recreating Itself

Every thirty to forty years, Americans experience severe depression. They start to think that the country is lagging behind in innovation and competitiveness, that their children won’t be as prosperous as they have been, and that a different nation will control the future. They worry that the United States will follow the 20th-century British Empire is failing. The fact that it forces the nation to maintain a certain amount of modesty and to periodically reinvent itself may be its greatest asset. However, the worries are wholly unjustified.

Challenges faced by the human race

In truth, a remarkable surge of technological advancements is driving a spectacular resurrection and regeneration in the United States. These innovations are producing the significant productivity increases and cost reductions required to maintain economic development and prosperity. The challenges that have always plagued the human race, such as sickness, starvation, access to clean water, electricity, education, and security, are now being solved by entrepreneurs.

For instance, 1.2 billion people do not have access to a power grid, and another 2.5 billion only have intermittent access to power, necessitating the usage of fuels like kerosene for lighting. Kerosene costs around fifty times as much as what Americans spend for energy. Even worse, the toxic fumes from kerosene fires, which are widespread in Africa and are the direct cause of hundreds of thousands of respiratory illnesses every year. All of this is about to change because within 15 years we will be able to harness the energy of the wind and sun to meet all of the planet’s energy requirements. Clean energy will become so inexpensive that it will appear free.

Possibilities of innovations

Worldwide access to affordable cell phones is likewise increasing, bringing the human race closer together than ever. Silicon Valley businesses will be able to cover the Earth with Internet connectivity, giving everyone access to a sea of knowledge, when they succeed in completing their drones and microsatellites later in this decade. Global communities would be able to share knowledge, take part in the economy, and improve themselves. America is the global leader in technological advancement, yet innovation is widespread. Unstoppable in its power, it will bring about both enormous possibilities and significant upheavals.

Final words

As new industries are developed, entire ones will be destroyed. There will be some new jobs created as well as other jobs abolished, including taxi drivers and machinists. Everything will be more inexpensive and America finds solution to humanity’s biggest problems, yet income disparity will increase since those who develop the new technology stand to profit the most. In ten years, when America turns 250, it will be a time to consider how far the nation has come and what has shaped it into what it is. But it will also be past due to anticipate the effects of technological advancements and to get ready for a future very unlike anything we could have ever envisioned.

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