Reinvent America

Reinvent America in the New Era

The millennial era has begun and is taking a substantial toll on the functioning of developed countries like America. It is a no-brainer that America is considered the most advanced country in its economy, technology, and many more. However, the drastic shift in times has forced the country to limp sideways. With bleak employment opportunities and stagnant growth, the younger generation is forced to live a life inferior to that of their elders.

Imbalance-related racial, ethnic, and economic differences have caused cities like Detroit to turn into ghost towns. The country is in urgent need of radical change with apparent support from the government and political parties. Although the changes seem extravagant, it is the need of the hour to change the country’s economic, social and technological structure.


The process of reinvention

With the help of statistics, experts have discovered that every 20-30 years, America falls behind in various areas, which presents itself with a chance for a radical change in the infrastructure. Post the COVOD-19 pandemic, America is set to reinvent itself in all respects, which can also benefit the entire world in various ways.

For instance, the advancement in the generation of faster computers is, in turn, forcing the development of a different set of super-fast computers. These will help develop new forms of software using artificial intelligence, which can change how we process computer data. This advancement will also solve a more significant challenge in biology and microbiology to redesign human cells.

Reinvention in robotics

Robotics and 3D printing technologies are no more alien to the world, and the country is making good use of these technologies to propel forward. Over the next decade, the world will be introduced to an innovative way to manufacture different products in the engineering sector. Also, 3D printing will help the household to produce items like toothbrushes, clips, etc., at home.

Agricultural infrastructure

Many states in America, like California, often suffer from drought conditions. Simultaneously, regions like Silicon Valley face increased water levels that can fear flooding anytime. Forecast predictors request the government to change the infrastructure, which will need states like California to stop growing crops permanently. By making changes along rivers in other cities, the growth of almonds, fruits, and vegetables can be compensated.

Reinventing power generation

Generation of power using un-clean resources is a threat to the entire mankind and not just America. However, in a decade, America’s decision to switch to clean energy resources will help the world. The cost of energy and electricity will be reduced by 50% by using clean energy sources like wind and solar energy. America also holds ambitions to provide electricity to the entire world.

As the US completes 250 decades, it has put forth all necessary elements to revamp and reinvent itself. With the help of the government and the people, it will not take long to implement these strategies.

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